High-quality handwork that guarantees a full lifespan of lanterns. Professional and experienced carpenters select the best wooden parts from the material blank and prepare them for gluing by arranging the wooden parts to obtain excellent gluing strength. In the process of gluing, it is important to know the mechanical and physical properties of the wood in order to prevent weak joints and deformation of the final product.


Thoughtful design for sustainable quality. The design of the lanterns is based on the technical and aesthetic properties of wood. Wood has more mechanically and externally resistant parts and less durable parts, the design process of lanterns pays attention to the fact that the parts that are most exposed to the weather are made of durable wood. Also, sloping and curved parts ensure rainwater drainage.


The use of natural materials has a positive effect on a person’s physical and mental health, as well as has a positive effect on the environment, climate and is able to age aesthetically as a result of external mechanical effects.


In terms of the environment, a replaceable bulb is a deliberate decision by the manufacturer that allows you to enjoy a wooden lantern for years to come, unlike products that do not allow you to replace a burnt-out bulb with a new, functional one.


Lanterns are made of a natural material – wood, which, like everything natural, ages over time, but the use of high-quality wood and the protection of wood provided by natural oils and wax promotes the aesthetic aging of wood. The wood does not lose its strength, does not deform, but it becomes darker, highlights the wood fibers and gives the product a refined charm.


The base base of stainless steel is not only a durable and long-lasting attachment, it is also visually beautiful and the well-thought-out design allows it to fit into the environment. Stainless steel is suitable for strengthening products in conditions of high humidity, so the lanterns are safe to place in various areas, both urban and rural. It compliments the design of wooden lanterns and accentuates the frame of the light source.